Sandblasting, Prime and Topcoat

Euro-Blast N.Z. Ltd is a leading provider of sandblasting services in Christchurch. We provide a complete range of services, from surface preparation to top coating. We can work on areas and processes based on your specifications. Just tell us your requirements, and our team will take care of them.
We have the following capabilities:

Through different techniques, sandblasting uses a regulated amount of air that will ensure the surface is clean. This process is utilised to remove rust and initial signs of corrosion. We use this to remove the paint first. We see to it that the surface is prepared and ready to receive the coating. Sandblasting has two variations.

Abrasive Blasting Cleaning

Abrasive blast cleaning is ideally used for cleaning chassis, machinery parts, and car parts. It is used for equipment that may require assembly and disassembly.

Garnet Blasting

Garnet cleaning is a method that uses dry stripping. We use this technique to remove pre-existing coatings and to make the surface clean. A clean and prepared surface helps achieve better bonding once the new paint or coating is applied. We see to it that the process does not involve silica and iron particles, making it applicable to steel and ironwork.


Primer is not always a requirement, but its application is advisable if you are looking to preserve your metal for the long-term. Metals that are not treated with primer will be vulnerable to moisture and other elements that induce corrosion.

We can expertly apply the range of prime products:

    Inorganic Zinc – This primer can be useful as a stand-alone system for the prepared surfaces.

    Epoxy Primer – We use this primer for industrial and marine applications. It’s applicable to materials that are always exposed to moisture, as well.

    Zinc Epoxy – This primer can be used together with a separate paint system.

    Zinc Phosphate – This red or grey primer is applicable to temporary structures.

    Top Coat

    After the surface has been sandblasted and a suitable primer is applied, we will then coat the surface with an intermediate and final coating. These layers will act as a system that locks the protective qualities of the primer. We use various system combinations depending on the environment and your personal requirements.

    Protecting your metal may be complex, but we are here to make things easy. Contact our customer service department to learn more about these processes.