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Preparing metals for long-term preservation is undeniably one tough job. You will have to undertake different processes; things can be difficult if you’re doing all these on your own. What’s trickier is when your metals start to show some indications of corrosion.

Euro-Blast N.Z. Ltd is one of New Zealand’s leading and most trusted sandblasting and corrosion specialists. Established in 1989, we have established a reputation for providing a comprehensive range of technologically advanced metal treatment systems.

Our extensive professional experience in the metal coating industry allows us to provide products and services that have a range of uses. To gain leadership in this industry, we use advanced equipment and work with the right people.

Euro-Blast N.Z. Ltd is your one-stop-shop when for all your needs when it comes to metal coatings and other applications. Our capabilities include:

    Non-Abrasive & Abrasive Blasting – Uses regulated pressure for surface preparations.

    Arc Spray Galvanising – It is a process where we use melted zinc or alloys to create an effective coating.

    Painting, Prime & Top Coats – We use inorganic zinc and special primers to coat prepared surfaces.

    Metal Spraying – We use specialist equipment sprayers to apply the coat evenly.

    Industrial and Commercial Paint Coatings – We offer paint coatings that will suit the working environment, as well.

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